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  • Simon - Monday 19 February 2018 22:52Reply
    HC DM803
  • simonedwards - Monday 13 June 2016 18:18Reply
    Firstly sorry for your loss.

    I have no problem with you using the image.
  • Alan Mabbutt - Monday 13 June 2016 17:38Reply

    Do you mind if I use this image on my facebook page? The loco is named after my brother who was the engineer at Brush Traction before his death from cancer in 2014.

    Happy to include a credit or weblink.


  • simonedwards - Saturday 2 January 2016 21:51Reply
    It moved a few days after the picture was taken.

    The blue shunter was wb 3208 used to be at a scrap yard in water orton a pic of it in the scrap yard is on here http://simonedwards.piwigo.com/picture?/25528/search/413
  • NIGEL GOULD - Saturday 2 January 2016 21:37Reply
    Nice shot, pity this seems to have moved on from Chasewater. Any idea what the ID of the blue diesel shunter with TRAFFORD PARK RAILWAY 1906 P GROUP logo on the cab is. Got a quick tour round the back new years day and got a photo of it. The preserved railway stocklist website is down and I can't find any other pics of it on other sites.


  • Carole Littlehales - Tuesday 22 September 2015 12:09Reply
    This is the bus named after my son - it's now at PB and has just had a new plaque put on it.
  • Mark - Friday 7 August 2015 22:47Reply
    i wish that i had cmj on my back yard, not that one a same has that cmj
  • ryanbroom - Friday 3 April 2015 14:46Reply
    i like buses i please can you have kelly-louise out evrey day and can you make names on the no 13
  • guest - Monday 22 December 2014 15:23Reply
    very nice
  • Mark Sutton - Sunday 29 September 2013 00:02Reply
    Did you ever get that petrol money back from Sooty Siy? The utter nobhead. Ii bet hes still wanking himself off with bananas over Class 60's! Anyway, take care dude, Rob.